Giltrap RS2 Feeder

Versatile performance for loading and feeding out two large square or round bales - safely and efficiently - day in, day out.


Two-stage sequence hydraulic lifting gives complete control of bale loading and allowing twine and plastic to be removed over the feed bed while reducing wastage. You’ll be hard pressed to find a stronger built, smoother functioning, longer lasting and better  value bale feeder than the Giltrap RS2!

Key Features

  • Carries 2 x big squares up to 8ft or round bales of up to 6ft
  • The controlled stage HD headstock loading system - for easy net/plastic removal above the bed reduces waste 
  • 3’’ 15000lb solid pin chain with HD bolted tine bars gives improved tearing action of tight bales with more durability and longevity
  • Bale spike headstock with optional 3rd fork allows for faster, more effective loading of square and round bales (note 3rd fork std in Australia)
  • Fully enclosed shafts reduce the chance of wrapping
  • Heavy-duty steel feedout cradle with unique centralised pivot system for safety and reliability while handling big heavy bales
  • Wide wheel track width of 2.2m for stability
  • Large string box with hinged lid to hold large volumes of crop packaging securely while you feed out
  • Quality brand, high profile tyres come standard!
  • Minimal moving parts and pivot points bushed and greaseable
  • Swivel tow eye with adjustable hitch height, perfectly match drawbar height to give optimum feeding performance

The controlled loading headstock can be paused above the feed bed for easy removal of net and wrap

The extra wide 2.2m wheel track keeps the RS2 feeder stable on rough ground and hills

Convenient large capacity string box is standard, with a hinged lid to hold large volumes of net or plastic

High-tensile 6mm folded channel tine bars have super aggressive tapered teeth to tear and release tightly baled feed. Bolted to 3” 15000lb solid pin chain

Large displacement motor guarantees power to keep heavy bales turning – driveshafts enclosed for less chance of wrapping

The swivel tow hitch can be adjusted for drawbar height. Complete with jack stand

RS2 Bale Feeder Specifications

  • RS2
  • 4.83
  • 2.03
  • 2.42
  • 1.93
  • 1510
  • 6 (dia)
  • 4x4x8 with extension
  • 1500
  • 50mm 6 stud
  • 11.5/80-15.3
  • 2 services
Optional Extras

Please select your extras from the options listed below then click ‘REQUEST A QUOTE’.

Mudguard set

Optional mudguard set

Flotation 400/60-15.3 wheel upgrade assemblies
Traction 11.5/80-15.3 wheel upgrade assemblies
Third bale tine for headstock
Bed extension for 8” square bales
Elevator extension for extra reach
Clevis-style hitch

Optional Clevis-style hitch