Manufacturing success story for Waikato


Manufacturing success story for Waikato

Otorohanga may be small, but Craig and Belinda Mulgrew of Giltrap Engineering, are putting it on the map with their kiwi success story of growth and innovation in the agricultural manufacturing sector.

A proud family-owned business, Giltrap Engineering already employs 80 staff in New Zealand and Australia and recently purchased Timaru’s Clough Agriculture, trading as Duncan Ag.

Both companies have a strong history in development and innovation in the agricultural manufacturing sector and consolidation has the potential to deliver strong benefits to farmers and the wider community.

Otorohanga is only a small town, but Giltrap has proven it can compete successfully on the world stage in terms of developing products that are suitable for a global market. This move positions the company well for the future, not only does it guarantee the jobs in Otorohanga but it potentially provides opportunities for further jobs and growth in the future.

The company has also made a commitment to the Canterbury region, purchasing the business, land and buildings in Timaru, and guaranteeing job security for Duncan Ag’s employees.

Giltrap is focused on growing the joint business together, to both grow the business and job opportunities. This move gives the company service centres for the business in both the North and South Islands and a greater ability to take care of the market.

The two businesses are a great fit, both bringing strong brands and product lines that complement each other perfectly.

Both companies are strongly involved in exports with very good growth opportunities in bringing the two companies together and achieving the synergies this delivers.

In recent years, the agricultural manufacturing sector has been under pressure from imports. It’s great to see two innovative companies consolidating their businesses to strengthen New Zealand’s presence and maintain New Zealand ownership.

In the current climate, there are consolidation opportunities in the agricultural machinery sector and Giltrap is keen to grow its footprint in both New Zealand and Australia, as well as globally.

Together, the two businesses are stronger. The purchase enables the pooling of resources and talent and the ability to bring an exceptionally good product offering to dealers.

This is a success story for both Waikato and Canterbury, and Giltrap is committed to both regions.