Giltrap 20000 Slurry Spreader

Top quality European components ensure constant, reliable handling of effluent, day in and day out. The tank is manufactured from 6mm plate steel, with 6mm domed ends and a strong integrated chassis giving the tank support throughout its entire length.

The vacuum pump used is a Battioni Pagani rotary vane type, which is very low maintenance, and efficiently handles the day to day duty cycles of a farm effluent spreader. The tanks are built to an exacting standard, and are individually pressure tested to twice the recommended working pressure, guaranteeing build quality and safety in the field.

Key Features

  • Tandem axle
  • Replaceable bushes on walking beam axle pivots with remote greasing
  • Strong integrated chassis and drawbar
  • Internal baffle plate to prevent surging
  • Three separate filling points
  • Top and rear access points for easy cleaning
  • Brass and galvanised fittings for corrosion protection
  • Double moisture trap system
  • Epoxy paint inside the tank to reduce corrosion
  • 6mm steel plate domed ends double butt welded into the tank cylinder

Italian Battioni Pagani rotary vane vacuum pumps are standard equipment, featuring rugged design, high airflow capacity and low maintenance requirements

A float level indicator visible from the tractor seat shows how full the tank is

Galvanised quick coupling hose connectors offer an easy hook up and decoupling system for the suction hoses with minimal hassle or mess. Reinforced rubber suction hoses are designed to withstand the forces of full vacuum, and are supplied in 4m lengths for ease of handling

20000 Specifications

  • 2.00m
  • 6.66m
  • 20000 litres
  • 3
  • 7700kg
  • 8.50m
  • 3.20m
  • 2.65m
  • 12000 l/min
  • Automatic
  • 200mm (8")
  • 4m (x2) plus 3m probe
  • 3
  • 2
  • Triple with steering
  • 130mm (10 stud)
  • 560/60-22.5
  • 6-wheel hydraulic
Optional Extras

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LED tail lights
Side nozzle

Side discharge nozzle

Available to discharge material onto hillsides or over fence lines.  This nozzle attaches directly to the outlet valve on the tank.

Inverted discharge nozzle

Inverted spreading nozzle

Reduce drift and other mess by directing the slurry toward the ground.

75mm trough cleaning kit
Autofill 200mm

Save time and effort.

This clever addition to any Giltrap Slurry spreader makes short work of reloading the tank, without leaving the tractor seat.  Designed with efficiency in mind, the Auto Fill system comes complete with filling station and an integrated hydraulic control function to lift and lower the arm, open and close the tank valve and switch the pump between vacuum and pressure, all from one hydraulic lever.

It can be mounted to the left- or right-hand side of the tank, to suit your individual preference.  The Auto Fill system will increase your turn-around time many times over, so you can get the job done quickly and cleanly.

Extra autofill base station 200mm
Hydraulic suspension on draw-bar

Minimises stress to the tank/drawbar and gives superior ride to the operator.  Also allows you to increase the angle of the tank by 3 degrees to improve sediment drainage

200mm hose lifter

Only available when 200mm Autofill is fitted

Turbo filler
Air filter/silencer for pump
Quick hose coupler 200mm
Rear stone trap
Rain gun with combined pumps
K80 ball hitch
Electronic control and monitoring

Uses technology with a flow-meter and touch screen to create GPS coverage maps of each job for proof of placement recording.