Giltrap 8 Tonne WideTrac

Our WideTrac Spreaders provide next-level performance at an entry level price.


WideTrac comes standard with a 780mm wide belt for spreading versatility, handling anything you throw at it. Plus it embraces intuitive 21st century technology, with a digital interface that allows you to take care of the spreader settings at the touch of a button.

All you need to know is the fertiliser density, your spreading width and the desired application rate - the computer does the rest so you can focus on driving.

These fertiliser spreaders are packed with features to make your job easier.

Key Features

  • Tough - the 8mm double skinned polyethylene bin is extremely durable and UV stabilised to withstand the elements.  Its slippery bin surface means fertiliser slides off and cleans up easily.
  • Ultimate corrosion protection - all of the exposed steel chassis structure, drawbar components and spinner assembly frame are hot dipped galvanised. Plus the business end of the spreader has extra corrosion and wear resistance with stainless diverter plates and dividers, stainless spinner discs with replaceable stainless spinner flights, and stainless deflector shields.
  • Zero belt slip - the 8mm thick rubber belt has our own chevron cleat pattern and is riveted on to steel bars which are welded to calibrated length high tensile chains, and positively driven by high tensile cast sprockets. The entire chain and steel bar assembly is hot dipped galvanised after welding for corrosion resistance. Simple stainless steel tensioning adjusters keep everything running smoothly.
  • No limits - the spreader belt is really wide at 780mm and has a cleat pattern to grip product and transfer it to the rear spinners. This means that you can spread virtually any product which will flow such as superphosphate, urea, lime, or go the organic path with poultry manure or compost, with spreading rates between 40kg - 5000kg/hectare.
  • Clever - with the rate control panel built into the front of the spreader, just enter 3 basic settings and you’re ready to spread. The belt is driven with a hydraulic motor and gearbox, and the speed adjusts automatically as your ground speed changes. Plus you never have to adjust the rear gate height, or measure it because the rate controller self-adjusts as you drive to the right height for the job.
  • Accurate - the high speed spinner discs can run up to 1000rpm giving even spread widths of up to 24 metres with granulated fertilisers. Combined with the controlled door height and belt speed for volumetric rate control, you have a machine that delivers the right amount to the right place, every time.
  • Safe - designed with a low centre of gravity and swivel tow coupling for stability and peace of mind on challenging terrain. A spinner nudge bar protects the spinners on undulating ground, and rear LED lights let the traffic around you know what’s going on.

Enter a spreading rate, driving width and fertiliser density on the front control panel of the machine. The gate height and belt speed will adjust automatically as you drive to deliver the desired application rate

A rigid internal steel superstructure provides strength and support for the double-skinned and UV stabilised polyethylene bin

Stainless diverter plates and dividers deliver an even flow of fertiliser on to stainless spinner discs running at up to 1000rpm for accurate spreading

The 8mm thick rubber belt is attached to a positive drive chain and slat assembly. Stainless steel tensioning adjusters keep everything running smoothly

The spreader belt has a special cleat pattern to grip product and transfer to the rear spinners

8T WideTrac Specifications

  • 8T WideTrac
  • 7.8
  • 10.1
  • 5.5
  • 6.85
  • 2.56
  • 2.46
  • 2.13
  • 5.15
  • 3.60
  • 2830
  • Tandem
  • 80
  • 400/55 x 22.5
  • 40 - 60
Optional Extras

Please select your extras from the options listed below then click ‘REQUEST A QUOTE’.

Widetrac Spreader wheel options

There are many types of tyre options available.  They all have various tread patterns and ground pressure properties to allow them to continue working in difficult conditions.

Below are sizes and types offered as standard or optional for WideTrac Spreaders.

Hydraulic brakes

Hydraulic brakes provide operator safety and allow machine operation in difficult terrain.

Hydraulic brakes are available for most machines.  On tandem axles, brakes are fitted to the front hubs only.  If necessary, 4-wheel braking is available.  The drum brakes work off external tractor hydraulics and have an adjustable relief valve and hoses included in the kit.

Braking systems are also available for tractors fitted with factory braking circuits that then operate when the brake pedal is depressed.

PVC rollover cover

A PVC rollover cover to keep rain out of the bin.  The cover rolls up tightly when it's not in use, and is easily stretched taut over the bin to provide a reliable weatherproof seal.


UV stabilised moulded polyethylene mudguards help keep the spreader clean and catch debris.

50mm mesh screen
Reversible spinners