Giltrap T60-12 Trailer

Ideal for large farming applications or contracting operations, the 12 Tonne Trailer has a high load capacity with the robustly designed chassis. The heavy duty tandem axle with wide flotation wheels provide long life and reliability to the user.

  • Tailgate with automatic release and spreading chains
  • Steep tipping angles up to 57°
  • High ground clearance when tipped
  • Low deck height
  • Replaceable bushes on main axle pivot
  • Rugged 2-piece (3mm) removable pressed sides
  • Removable front board
  • Built-in heavy duty tie rails
  • Treated 35mm T & G pine deck for excellent durability
  • Single telescopic ram to lift efficiently and prevent deck twisting
  • 4-way pivot on the ram base mount to prevent side loading damage

Auto tail door release as standard feature

The wide spaced deck landing bar provides a stable platform to support the deck

Multi stage ram with four way pivot. Removes side loading of ram

The tailgate hinge has an over-centre cam design to stop the gate coming unhooked accidentally

The two piece sides have a heavy RHS centre post for rigid support

T60-12 Specifications

  • 4.4 x 2.4
  • 6.0 & 12 tonne lift
  • 5.95
  • 57°
  • 127/107/91/76/61
  • 5-stage single acting
  • 600
  • 2 piece drop in
  • 2700
  • 1.20
  • Tandem
  • 80 (8 stud)
  • 400/55-22.5
  • 80 screw
Optional Extras

Please select your extras from the options listed below then click ‘REQUEST A QUOTE’.

Tip Trailer wheel options

There are many types of tyre options available.  They all have various tread patterns and ground pressure properties to allow them to continue working in difficult conditions.

Below are sizes and types usually fitted to Trailers:

Hydraulic brakes

Hydraulic brakes provide operator safety and allow machine operation in difficult terrain.

Hydraulic brakes are available for most machines.  On tandem axles, brakes are fitted to the front hubs only.  If necessary, 4-wheel braking is available.  The drum brakes work off external tractor hydraulics and have an adjustable relief valve and hoses included in the kit.

Braking systems are also available for tractors fitted with factory braking circuits that then operate when the brake pedal is depressed.

LED tail lights
K80 ball hitch
Tip Trailer deck options

The Tip Trailers come with the following deck options:

32mm tanalised pine tongue & groove is supplied as standard. This heavy duty floor is tough and durable and will last for many years. It allows the deck to flex as it moves and won't pool water.
This is in lieu of the standard timber deck. It is 5mm thick plate and includes extra cross-members for extra strength over the entire deck. Thicker plate is also available upon request.
This option keeps the standard timber deck underneath but includes a 2mm steel overlay. It has the advantage of still having the ‘give' of timber while maintaining a smooth, tough skin. Available on tip trailers only.
Hydraulic gate release

Hydraulic gate release.

The operator can now hydraulically trip the tailgate at any stage regardless of hoist height giving complete control over load spreading.


Side opening tailgate

No need to remove the tailgate when carrying longer loads or if it's not required.  Simply remove the locking pin and swing the tailgate around so that it's parallel to the left-hand sideboards and relock.

Hay extension

The hay extension adds an extra 900mm (3 ft) to the deck length.  This increases the capacity of your trailer during harvest season allowing extra bales to be carried.

It is also quick and simple to fit and remove.